"From the very start, I felt like we knew each other already. It was always so easy for us to talk, we just clicked. We were so similar, and always laughing together – that's how I knew."


"It was one of our first dates, on our way to 'Tiger World' in North Carolina, that it somehow all became clear. I was already falling in love, and it was no secret."


First came sushi, then came love.

A six-word love story that began in Charlotte, North Carolina around 10 years ago starts a little something like this: Jesse was the bar manager at Mallory's favourite sushi restaurant and with a little nudge from a dear friend, after some fine wine, sushi, and story-spilling – by Mallory, with a side of pure honesty and great bar service from Jesse – Mallory and Jesse's story would soon begin. 

Fast forward 10 years and 7,366 miles later to Dubai. Now entrepreneurs with their own businesses, Mallory and Jesse are more than ready to begin their next chapter as a married couple.